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Back from the Mostly Dead

Stepped on an errant sewing needle from my daughter’s sewing kit a week ago, a half-inch of which broke off in my left big toe after snagging on the carpet.  It was exactly as painful as it sounds.  Tried to shrug it off, biology took over and I had surgery a few days ago to remove it.

How do so many artists do great work when they are high on opiods?  A few doses of hydrocodone and I’m as useless as a Lohan, though thankfully without the appetite for more junk.  I stopped chasing the dragon 36 hours ago and just waved goodbye to that dog-headed Egyptian god that been hanging out on the other end of the sofa for the last few days.  So back to work…

While not allowed to type–let’s just say there was a hernia surgery recovery/Amazon one-click debacle–I did have a digital voice recorder handy and am presently sorting the wheat from the chaff of my smack-fueled ideas.  Look for coming posts about:

The Changes We Don’t Expect
Am I Nuts or is My Body Chemistry Truly Different?
Inside Out or Outside In?
Goal Adjustment is not Giving Up

Tomorrow I’m headed for several days in Chicago, where after months of training I was supposed to run this weekend’s Urbanathlon.  My bisected and sewn together toe has nixed that idea but I’m making the trip anyway to support friends and to get the hell out of the house for awhile.  And I’ll be updating about a change-related reason for traveling to the Windy City–a family relocation there is something we’re considering in the next few years.  Why?  Keep checking this space.

And about that toe…


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