Urbanathlon 2010

Last weekend was the Men’s Health Urbanathlon, sponsored by Men’s Health Magazine and held along the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago.  I ran this race last year with a group of friends and couldn’t wait to do it again.  Alas, that damnable needle incident meant that my participation this year was purely as a spectator and cheerleader.

Check out this brief slide show, followed by a couple of short videos, one taken on course at mile about mile three and the other at the finish line.  Having to hobble on one foot means the pictures and video aren’t as diverse or action-based as I would like but hopefully you can get a taste of the event.

Next year is my 40th birthday and I’ll be back in Chicago for the next Urbanathlon–this time with two shoes on.

On Course:

Finish Line:

  1. October 25, 2010 at 1:30 am

    Very cool! My next big attempt is going to be to add a YouTube video to my blog/create a YouTube video. Did you record all that with your phone? I need an iPhone..

    The “On Course video” is awesome except for one thing…needs more cowbell!!!

    • October 25, 2010 at 1:54 am

      Thanks! That was recorded on my Canon S90 camera, it’s a regular digital camera but will take some video. If you’ve never posted video before, be very mindful of which format you are recording, which ones your computer will edit and which ones WordPress will accept. I continually ‘get educated’ on that topic.

      So many runners were yelling for more cowbell, I don’t know how that didn’t end up on video. The guy with the cowbell was wearing an App State sweatshirt btw. He got away before I could hobble over to him and ask where he was from.

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