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My Study Partners

December 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Who I’ve been spending all my time with lately:




My Cheap Stand Up Desk

November 15, 2010 3 comments

I blogged the other day about my desire for a stand up desk and my plans to re-create the budget model recommended here by blogger Dawn Foster.  She was able to piece her desk together for around $20; mine was double that but I’m still pleased.  The pic below shows how I arranged the shelves so I can easily place one foot at a time on the bottom shelf, which reduces fatigue and helps me stand for longer periods.

I’ve been using the desk for a couple of days and really enjoy being able to have my computer in the kitchen while cooking or looking out my backdoor during my coffee and email time.  It’s not the most attractive piece of office furniture but it works.  It especially adheres to our family condition since I quit work and entered school–if it’s not ghetto, we don’t own it.

My $40 Standing Desk

I See a Standing Desk in My Immediate Future

November 9, 2010 Leave a comment

When I left work behind for graduate school and stay-at-home-fatherhood, I also left behind my desk.  No problem, I thought.  I’ll just work at the dining room table, a thought which shows how clueless I was at the time.

Within a few days, the need for a desk became obvious.  In years past, finding a space in our home for an office was not difficult–just pick an empty bedroom or head to the basement.  But early on in this massive life makeover, my wife and I downsized to a much smaller place in order to eliminate our commutes.  Even still, I had the perfect spot: a sort of awkward corner of my bedroom that seemed perfect for an office nook.

But this space truly was awkward as I could find no desk to fit it.  In a fit of inspiration at IKEA, I purchased 8 feet of kitchen counter, then stopped off at Home Depot for some L-brackets and bolts.  Add a chair, a couple of shelves and some wire baskets and my office was complete.  The cost of the desk was less than $100.

My office

But I also like to move around a bit when I work and would love to be able to have a workspace in my kitchen.  The solution is a standing desk, which would provide that mobility without taking up too much space.

Standing desks, or stand up work environments (SUWE) used to be quite common in the days before typewriters, telephones and computers and recently they’ve been making a comeback.  And for good reason.  As our jobs and lifestyles have changed to incorporate more and more time on a computer, most of us have passed that time seated at a desk or with the computer on our lap.  But now many are coming to believe  that all this sitting comes at a cost–increased muscle fatigue, decreased metabolism, perhaps even lower levels of creativity.

My friend Scott acquired this GeekDesk recently.  I love the name GeekDesk and love the motorized height adjustment even more.  Scott says he doesn’t raise the desk every day and that the multitasking environment of the modern office is easier for him to manage when seated.  The desk does get raised when he has to complete an intense task like writing or statistical modeling.  By standing, he’s better able to expend any nervous energy that would otherwise distract him.   Here’s a picture of his desk in its natural habitat:

Scott's desk

But at $800 plus shipping, I’ll let my next employer purchase one for me.  The standing desk in my immediate future is this one.  Built out of baker’s rack parts for less than $20.  Cheap, sturdy, easy to assemble, made for a kitchen location–what’s not to love?  I’ll let you know when I get it set up.